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Semimetallic features in thermoelectric transport properties of 2H-3R phase niobium diselenide

Moon, Hongjae; Kim, Jeongmin; Bang, Joonho; Hong, Seokkyoon; Youn, Seonhye; Shin, Hyunjun; Roh, Jong Wook; Shim, Wooyoung; Lee, Wooyoung
Nano Energy 78 105197 (2020)

Measurement of Exciton and Trion Energies in Multistacked hBN/WS2 Coupled Quantum Wells for Resonant Tunneling Diodes

Lee, Myoung-Jae; Seo, David H.; Kwon, Sung Min; Kim, Dohun; Kim, Youngwook; Yun, Won Seok; Cha, Jung-Hwa; Song, Hyeon-Kyo; Lee, Shinbuhm; Jung, MinKyung; Lee, Hyeon-Jun; Kim, June-Seo; Heo, Jae-Sang; Seo, Sunae; Park, Sung Kyu
ACS Nano 14 16114-16121 (2020)

Hybrid carbon thermal interface materials for thermoelectric generator devices

Chung, Seok-Hwan; Kim, Jong Tae; Kim, Dong Hwan
Scientific Reports 10 18854 (2020)

Phase Controlled Growth of Cd3As2 Nanowires and Their Negative Photoconductivity

Park, K.; Jung, Minkyung; Kim, D.; Bayogan, J.; Lee, J.; An, S.; Seo, J.; Seo, J.; Ahn, J.; Park, J
Nano Letters 20 4939 (2020)

Breaking the absorption limit of Si toward SWIR wavelength range via strain engineering

Katiyar, Ajit K.; Thai, Kean You; Yun, Won Seok; Lee, JaeDong; Ahn, Jong-Hyun
Science Advances 6 eabb0576 (2020)

Synchronized enhancement of thermoelectric properties of higher manganese silicide by introducing Fe and Co nanoparticles

Kim, Gwansik; Kim, Hyun-Sik; Lee, Ho Seong; Kim, Jeongmin; Lee, Kyu Hyoung; Roh, Jong Wook; Lee, Wooyoung
Nano Energy 72 104698 (2020)

Thermoelectric properties of PEDOT:PSS and acid-treated SWCNT composite films

Chung, Seok-Hwan; Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, Hanna; Kim, Hoyoung; Jeong, Sang Won
Materials Today Communications 23 100867 (2020)

Controllable p-n junctions in three-dimensional Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 Nanowires

Bayogan, J.; Park, K.; Siu, Z. B.; An, S. J.; Tang, C. C.; Zhang, X. X.; Song, M. S.; Park, J.; Jalil, M. B. A.; Nagaosa, N.; Hirakawa, K.; Schonenberger, C.; Seo, J.; Jung, Minkyung
Nanotechonology 31 205001 (2020)

Graphene-mediated enhanced Raman scattering and coherent light lasing from CsPbI3 perovskite nanorods

Kim, Jung Hye; Le, Quyet Van; Nguyen, Thang Phan; Lee, Tae Hyung; Jang, Ho Won; Yun, Won Seok; Jeong, Soon Moon; Lee, JaeDong; Kim, Soo Young; Kim, Hyunmin
Nano Energy 70 104497 (2020)

A Photoetching-After-Growth Approach for the Synthesis of Nanocrystal Heterostructures Exhibiting Tunable Dual-Band Emission

Lim, Sung Jun; Kim, Wonjung; Shin, Seung Koo
Advanced Materials Interfaces 7 1901769 (2020)

Single-layer CdPSe3: A promising thermoelectric material persisting in high temperatures

Yun, Won Seok; Lee, J. D.
Applied Physics Letters 115 193105 (2019)


Concurrent defects of intrinsic tellurium and extrinsic silver in an n-type Bi2Te2.88Se0.15 thermoelectric material

Kim, Cham; Yang, Yeokyung; Baek, Ju Young; Lopez, David Humberto; Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, Hoyoung
Nano Energy
6 26 (2019)

Thermally driven homonuclear-stacking phase of MoS2 through desulfurization

Hwang, Young Hun; Yun, Won Seok; Cha, Gi-Beom; Hong, Soon Cheol; Han, Sang Wook
Nanoscale 11 11138-11144 (2019)
■ 2019.06

Decoupling effect of electrical and thermal properties of Bi2Te3-polypyrrole hybrid material causing remarkable enhancement in thermoelectric performance

Kim, Cham; Baek, Ju Young; Lopez, David Humberto; Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, Hoyoung
J. Ind. Eng. Chem. 71 119 (2019)

GHz nanomechanical resonator in an ultraclean suspended graphene p-n junction

Jung, Minkyung; Rickhaus, Peter; Zihlmann, Simon; Eichler, Alexander; Makk, Peter; Schonenberger, Christian
Nanoscale 11 4355 (2019)

Dual defect system of tellurium antisites and silver interstitials in off-stoichiometric Bi2(Te,Se)3+y causing enhanced thermoelectric performance

Kim, Cham; Lopez, David Humberto; Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, Hoyoung
J. Mater. Chem. A 7 791 (2019)

Role of Hydrogen in Active Layer of Oxide-Semiconductor-Based Thin Film Transistors

Noh, Hee Yeon; Kim, Joonwoo; Kim, June-Seo; Lee, Myoung-Jae; Lee, Hyeon-Jun
Crystals 9 75 (2019)

Method for evaluating interfacial resistances of thermoelectric devices using I-V measurement

Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, Cham; Kim, Jong Tae; Yoon, Duck Ki; Kim, Hoyoung
Journal of the International Measurement Confederation 129 281-287 (2018)

Improved thermal conductivity of carbon-based thermal interface materials by high-magnetic field alignment

Chung, Seok-Hwan; Kim, Hoyoung; Jeong, Sang Won
Carbon 140 24 (2018)

Interfacial energy band and phonon scattering effect in Bi2Te3-polypyrrole hybrid thermoelectric material

Kim, Cham; Baek, Ju Young; Lopez, David Humberto; Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, Hoyoung
App. Phys. Lett. 113 153901 (2018)

Decoupling of thermal and electrical conductivities by adjusting the anisotropic nature in tungsten diselenide causing significant enhancement in thermoelectric performance

Kim, Cham; Baek, Ju Young; Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, Jong Tae; Lopez, D.H.; Kim, T.; Kim, Ho Young
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 60 458-464 (2018)

Quantum dots formed in three-dimensional Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 nanowires

Jung, Minkyung; Yoshida, K.; Park, K.; Zhang, X. X.; Yesilyurt, C.; Siu, Z. B.; Jalil, M. B. A.; Park, J.; Park, J.; Nagaosa, N.; Seo, J.; Hirakawa, K.
Nano Letters 18 1863 (2018)

Selective generation of Ag interstitial defects in Te-rich Bi2(Te,Se)3 using Ag nanoparticles causing significant improvement in thermoelectric performance

Kim, Cham; Jeong, Soo Yeol; Lopez, David Humberto; Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, Ho Young
Script. Mater. 144 36 (2018)

Prolonged heating of Fe3O4-Au hybrid nanoparticles in a radiofrequency solenoid coil

Park, Sang Im, Chung, Seok-Hwan; Kim, Hyun Chul; Lee, Se Geun; Lee, Seong Jun; Kim, Hyun Min; Kim, Hoyoung; Jeong, Sang Won
Colloids and Surfaces A 538 304 (2018)

Highly Bright Flexible Electroluminescent Devices with Retroreflective Electrodes

Shim, Hyunseok; Allabergenov, Bunyod; Kim, Joonwoo; Noh, Hee Yeon; Lyu, Hong-Kun; Lee, Myoung-Jae; Choi, Byeongdae
Adv. Mater. Technol. 2 1700040 (2017)

Optical determination of crystal phase in semiconductor nanocrystals

Lim, Sung Jun; Schleife, Andre; Smith, Andrew M.
Nature Communications 8 14849 (2017)

Microwave photodetection in an ultraclean suspended bilayer graphene pn junction

Jung, Minkyung; Rickhaus, P.; Zihlmann, S.; Makk, P.; Schonenberger, C.
Nano Letters 16 6988 (2016)

Gate voltage and drain current stress instabilities in amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O thin-film transistors with an asymmetric graphene electrode

Kim, Joonwoo; Myung, Sung; Noh, Hee Yeon; Jeong, Soon Moon; Jeong, Jaewook
AIP advances 5 097141 (2015)
2015. 11

Physical characterization of amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O thin-film transistors with directcontact asymmetric graphene electrode

Jeong, Jaewook; Kim, Joonwoo; Noh, Hee Yeon; Jeong, Soon Moon; Kim, Jung-Hye; Myung, Sung
AIP ADVANCES 4 097111 (2014)